Services for Landlords and Investors

As a landlord, investor or realtors you have special needs. Not only do you need quality work with a quick turnaround time but often you may need this work done on short notice.

RM Services has several ongoing relationships with real estate professionals such as yourself. We offer priority service, reasonable rates and above all quality work.

There are several services we offer that are unique to real estate professionals

Punchlist Service:

Contractors invariably leave a job "almost" done. These annoying incompletions are enough to make you pull your hair out. Sure they say they'll come back next week to finish things up. But in the mean time you're losing out on rent or unable to show a property.
Give us a call and we can handle all those items in one fell swoop.

Refresh Property Between Tenants

Having a fresh new coat of paint and all those little repairs done can make a difference in vacancy rates and rents.

Give your rental property a facelift between tenants. We're good at what we do and can be quick about it too.

Pre-sale Spruce-up

Some paint and a few minor repairs go a long way to make a place more sellable. Many home buyers can't see beyond some squeaky hinges and drab paint. Let us come in and give your listing a little pick-me up.